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ag custodial commercial cleaningOur Corporate Cleaning Services Let You Open Your Doors to a Clean Facility

A lot goes on in your office and store during the day. People walk up and down the hallways. Your employees make and eat their lunch in the breakroom. Coffee is poured and set on tables. Doorknobs are grabbed and turned. Telephones are answered with unwashed hands. Every week, your office sees its fair share of dirt, fingerprints, and coffee cup stains.

Over time all those germs and grime build up – unless you hire a professional corporate cleaning service to restore your office every day, week, or whenever your schedule permits.

Get a quote to find out how much it’ll cost you to walk into a clean facility (it’s more affordable than you might think).


With corporate cleaning services, you can feel refreshed and ready to welcome customers and clients into your facility from the minute you open your doors. Here’s what A&G Custodial can do to leave you a little more prepared to put your best foot forward each day.

  • Take out your trash
  • Change trash liners and wipe down trash cans (when needed)
  • Feather dust all horizontal and vertical surfaces, including desks, filing cabinets, bookshelves, window blinds, window ledges, a/c vents, chair legs, copiers, and all other fixtures in each area.
  • Wipe down all horizontal surfaces for coffee rings, spills, etc.
  • Polish all horizontal surfaces with a pre-treated dust rag for streaks, handprints, etc.
  • Clean and sanitize all restrooms, including sinks, toilets, urinals, mirrors, paper towel/toilet paper/soap dispensers, petition walls, doors, doorknobs, walls & switchplates
  • Replace all products in dispensers when needed
  • Wipe down all tables, chairs, countertops, sinks, cabinets, and appliances (upon request) in eating areas
  • Dust mop and wet mop all tile floors, sweeping out corners when needed
  • Vacuum all carpets and door mats, wiping down baseboards when needed
  • Clean all glass doors (inside and out), and all interior windows
  • Disinfect all telephones, keyboards, mouses, etc. when needed
  • Spot clean all walls and doors for smudge prints, spills, etc.
  • Clean and polish all stainless steel water fountains
  • Empty out and wipe down all ashtrays
  • Sweep out all entryways when needed
  • And more (upon request)!

When we’re done, your office will sparkle with a fresh scent.

How Much Will Corporate Cleaning Services Cost You?

Here’s the best part! You choose how much you spend. A&G Custodial is proud of offer comprehensive, but affordable cleaning services to match your budget, usage, and space. We also come out on your schedule – not ours – so you can have your office cleaned as often or as little as you see fit. We charge per hour, so you can decide to limit your services to the bare minimum, or add on extras to give your office a refreshed look every day. The choice is yours.