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commercial floor cleaning servicesFrom Tile to Laminate and Special Waxed Wood Floors, Our Commercial Floor Cleaning Services Make Your Business Shine

As you glance down while you walk through your business, do you admire the way your floors shine back at you? Or are you left feeling a little lackluster at the amount of scuff marks and dirt covering the surface?

You should have pride in the building where you work. That starts with having clean floors that reflect the level of quality and care you offer your customers. We can help for an affordable price that might surprise you.


You Choose the Floor Care Services That Are Right for Your Building and Budget

Your floors might not see as much foot traffic as other floors. Or, they might require a different type of care than the building next door to yours. That’s why we custom fit our commercial floor cleaning services to your needs and budget. Here’s how we can help you.

Basic Floor Mopping

Dust-mopping or wet-mopping are two basic functions to keep any floor clean. This service is part of our general cleaning plans, but we know that sometimes you need it as a stand-alone service too. If you only want your floors cleaned with no other cleaning services, we can help!

Floors should be wet or dry mopped on a regular basis. This service is available as part of our commercial cleaning service, or as a stand alone service.

Stripping and Waxing

Have your floors lost their luster and shine? If so, it might be time to have them rewaxed. Your facility is unique in how much foot traffic you see and how often your floors are cleaned. Both of these determine how often and how much wax you need. Our experts will take a look at your floors, learn about your unique usage, and recommend a treatment plan to give you the best looking floors for the most reasonable price.   

This service starts by stripping all of the old wax off your floors and scraping all of the edges for debris. Once that’s done, we’ll apply the appropriate amount of wax (usually 3 to 4 coats, but sometimes more) to keep your floors looking their best for the long haul.

Stripping and waxing is only recommended once every few years.

Top-Scrubbing and Waxing

Do your floors already have wax on them, but need a quick refresher? You might not need a full stripping and waxing. Instead, you might only need a top-scrub and quick wax coating to do the trick. We’ll scrub the existing wax and then apply a few fresh coats of new wax. This will help extend the life of your existing wax, making it so you can go longer between full strippings and waxings (and in turn, saving you money).

Top scrubbing and waxing is service recommended every four to six months in between full stripping and waxings.


If your floors see a significant amount of foot traffic, you’ll likely need a deeper clean than mopping alone can provide. In this case, we offer auto-scrubbing. This service uses a machine that sprays a diluted solution onto the floor. Then, a rotary pad lightly scrubs the floor without risking removing any of the wax. When that’s done, we’ll squeegee and vacuum up the dirty water leaving your floors shiny and clean.

Auto-scrubbing works well on all types of floors including hardwood, ceramic, linoleum, Mexican tile, and concrete.

High Speed Burnishing

For waxed floors ONLY! This service usually follows the auto-scrubbing service to revitalize the finish and give it the shiny, freshly waxed look.

It uses a high-speed machine to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Some businesses with heavy foot traffic use this service to clean their floors nightly. Others only need it weekly or monthly. The choice is yours.

High speed burnishing should be done regularly in between waxings.

Spray Buffing

This service is rarely used anymore, but when it’s needed, it’s needed! If you have special waxed wood floors, or very small areas that need cleaning, spray buffing is the right service for you. We’ll use a specialized machine to buff your floors from side-to-side. A solution is lightly sprayed on the floors and then buffed using a rotary pad.

Spray buffing is offered as needed.

Spot Treatments

Do you have gum, tar, or scuff mark stains? We can help you get them out.

Do you have small areas that need a patch-wax job, where something damaged a small area of the wax on your floors? We can fix it.

Do you have heavy-duty concrete that needs to be cleaned? We have a rotary concrete brush that’ll do the trick.

Spot treatments are offered as needed.

“Are There Any Floors You Can’t Clean?”

Actually, yes. We’ll never try to take on a task we don’t have the tools to complete well. With that said, if you need grout cleaning, concrete pressure-washing, sealing real wood floors, or diamond polishing concrete, we can recommend someone else to help you get the job done right. 

Our Promise to You

We have the experience and expertise to take on most commercial floor cleaning jobs. Our promise to you is that we’ll deliver an end result that’ll exceed your expectations without ever exceeding your budgets. All floor care services are priced per square foot.

Allow us to give you a competitive quote, so you can see just how affordable it is to have a shiny, clean facility.