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ag custodial carpet cleaningRevitalize Your Office. Restore Your Carpets.

When a person walks through your doors, their first instinct is to look down to check where they’re going. As they do, they are peering onto your carpets. Will your carpeting send a strong first impression of a clean facility? Or will your guests see dirt and debris when they walk through your doors?

At A&G Custodial, we’ve seen it all from deeply ingrained dirt and debris on Berber to red wine stains on white wool. We’ve also tackled it all, successfully restoring the looks of business carpets across Tucson. Can we help you too? Let’s find out.


The Various Levels of Carpet Cleaning Services Available

No two carpets are the same. Some are dirtier than others. Some see more foot traffic than others. You choose what level of carpet cleaning you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Basic Carpet Care

Sometimes, you just need to get a top layer of soil off your carpet. In that case, a basic vacuum will do the trick. We use a commercial-grade vacuum to reach down deep in the fibers of your carpet to pull out loose dirt or debris.

Carpets should be vacuumed on a regular basis. This service is available as part of our commercial cleaning service, or as a stand alone service.

Complete Carpet Restoration

Has it been awhile since your carpet was professionally cleaned? Ready to restore the look of your carpeting and add new life to your floors? Our complete carpet restoration uses a four-step approach to reach down deep into the fibers of your carpet.

Here’s the nitty gritty on how it works: We start with a pre-spray using a heavy duty detergent and high pressure pre-spray gun. Then, we follow up with a dry agitation and a rotary brush. With the preparation complete, we extract the dirt and debris using a heavy-duty commercial grade extractor. After a few days, we’ll return to use a follow up bonnet for any spots that may have resurfaced during the drying process.

Carpet restoration is recommended annually.

Carpet Bonneting

Ever wish you could buff your carpets like you buff your shoes? That’s essentially what we do in our carpet bonneting service. Here, we’ll use a rotary side-by-side machine and using a damp cotton pad, we’ll buff your carpets. This is the perfect way to freshen up your carpets between deep restorations.

Carpet bonneting is recommended once per month, quarter, or half year depending on usage.

Carpet Scrubbing

Similar to carpet bonneting, we offer a service that uses a solution to clean the top surfaces of your carpets. This service uses a machine to spray a solution, and then agitate it with a rotary brush to kick up all the dirt and debris. Afterward, a vacuum sucks up the dirt and debris leaving your carpets looking clean. Carpet scrubbing is another good alternative between carpet restorations.

Carpet scrubbing is recommended once per month, quarter, or half year depending on usage.

Spot Removal

Have you spilled soda, red wine, grease, tar, gum, or rust on your carpets? Although the stain is limited to a small area, it can ruin the entire look of your carpeting. We can help you restore the look of your carpets simply by removing this spot.  We have a wide variety of chemicals to lift up virtually any type of stain or spot.

Spot cleaning is recommended as needed.

“That’s Great, but Can You Clean My Carpets?”

Think your carpet is unique? Think again. We’ve been in business long enough to have seen and cleaned just about every type of carpet and upholstery out there. From Berber to wool, Olefin to Power-Bond, we’ve removed the gunk that’s marred the look of these carpets and upholstery.

Enjoying the beauty of freshly restored and cleaned carpets doesn’t have to put a black spot on your bank account. Carpet cleaning services are priced per square foot and are more affordable than you might think. Contact us to get a quote for your specific office space.