AG Custodial

What do you look for when you hire a janitorial services company?

If you’re like most businesses, you’re on the hunt for someone who is reliable (check), affordable (check), and experienced (check). A&G Custodial’s team fits the bill on all fronts, but don’t take our word for it. Our story speaks for itself.

ag custodialCo-founder, Andrew Carpenter started in the field of custodial maintenance in 1992. During this time, he worked for several well-known janitorial service companies. Then, in 1995, he switched gears and started working for Goodwill Industries. It was here that he met the future co-founder of A&G Custodial, Gary Waller.

But the two didn’t venture out and start their own company right away. They worked together at Goodwill Industries stripping and waxing the floors at the stores, cleaning their offices, and performing regular maintenance, such as changing light tubes and ballasts, replacing filters, and more. Together, the team kept the stores looking their best from ceiling to floor, backroom to front counter.

In 1999, the duo had formed a strong partnership learning how to work well together to perform the vital tasks that made the offices & stores more inviting. It only made sense that the pair put their unique partnership to work for other businesses.

They approached the upper management at Goodwill Industries to let them know of their intent, but also said they would like to remain a contractor for them. After years of proven hard work and care for detail, Goodwill had no problem saying yes. They were A&G Custodial’s first client!

As Andrew and Gary branched out, their reputation in the Tucson community grew. Soon, other businesses were employing their help to keep their offices looking and smelling clean and fresh. They hired and trained new employees who were experienced enough to uphold the high standard they’d worked so hard to achieve.

Things were running smoothly, but in 2009, Gary suffered from arthritis in both of his knees and was forced into an early retirement. Andrew took over the entire business where he continues to manage the team’s accounts and deliver sparkling clean offices that protect his client’s reputation (along with his own).

So, Who Is Andrew Carpenter?

Andrew Carpenter was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He moved to Tucson in 1983 at a young age when his father started working for IBM – and he hasn’t looked back since.

Andrew loves Tucson. He attended both Pima Community College and the University of Arizona before he found his professional path in entrepreneurship. He has now been successfully self-employed for decades – something he is very proud of.

Ready to See What A&G Custodial Can do For Your Business?

A&G Custodial’s strong reputation is thanks to the decades of quality service they have provided Tucson businesses. Can your business benefit from making a better first impression and operating out of a cleaner, well-maintained facility? If so, let’s talk!